How It Works

Virtual Music Groups Made Easy

We will project manage your virtual music group video!

Instead of hassling with people sending you individual videos, mixing down audio so it sounds great, syncing and compiling the vid — we make it super simple by project managing it all for you.


We create a landing webpage for all your musicians to find everything they need — from a click track we will produce for them to follow and a place for them to upload their video.


We mix down the audio — making sure it is in time, in sync, and in tune. Then we design and layout the video to make sense musically.


A compilation video is created for you to share with others. We will provide a YouTube link as well as the actual video file if you’d like to use it in your favorite presentation software or app.


  • A final high-resolution video file of your group performing virtually with high quality mixed down audio
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied


  • $25 per person’s video (per song)
    • Example 1: If a group submits 14 videos, 14 X $25 = $350
    • Example 2: If a group submits 25 videos, 25 X $20 = $625
  • $50 Guide/Click Track MP3 & Website Resource Page
    • A customized rehearsal click track for your members to guide recording their video. We build the click around your existing audio.
    • MP3 file(s) will be available for your musicians to practice and perform with.
    • If you are doing multiple songs for a project, it’s $25 for the website setup, then $25 for every guide/click track MP3 needed.

Additional Costs (only if needed):

  • SCRATCH TRACK: Creation of a professional audio scratch track if you don’t already have one available to create a click track to (unlimited revisions), $25 per half hour of work
  • REHEARSAL TRACKS: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass or instrumental rehearsal tracks with a piano playing their part prominently, $25 per vocal track (so SATB would be $25 x 4 = $100 total)
  • MUSIC TRANSCRIPTION: Accurate sheet music transcriptions for members to follow if you don’t already have sheet music and need it for your musicians, $25 per half hour of work
  • PERSONAL MEMBER SUPPORT: Member support if they are having trouble uploading their files to the Google Drive link (for example, if several of your members discover they cannot figure out how to upload large video files…I will kindly walk them through the process over the phone or video chat), $10 per musician per support call per song
  • MULTI-TRACK FILES: Multitrack file(s) for your DAW  if you wish to custom mix musicians on the fly during a mixed live/virtual performance, $50 for DAW file